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cradle to grave

We forage local herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables for our various recipes, including supporting our local beekeepers with the usage of choice honey.  We use almost entirely organic grains. All of our solid waste (spent grains, hops, yeast) are fed to local pigs or composted.


We don't have flagship beers, we rarely repeat recipes and we're not afraid to break the boundaries of the industry's 'norm'. All of this gives us the freedom as brewers to continue to learn more and push our limits.


Everything from our bar, walk-in cooler, patio, light fixtures and the original brewing system itself was designed and built by us. More than anything, we are still extremely excited to serve our local community with a place that is unique and entertaining.

Our Story

We excitedly opened our doors to the public on September 26th of 2014.

Staying Rooted

It is vitally important to us that we are directly involved with the sourcing and production of our ingredients and raw materials. We use almost entirely organic grains and harvest local herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables for our various recipes, including supporting our local beekeepers with the usage of choice honey. All of our solid waste (spent grains, hops, yeast) are fed to local pigs, or composted.  A large majority of our waste water is re-used to water landscaping, and we continually seek ways to become better environmental stewards within an industry that has room to evolve.

We're happy to participate in, and contribute to, local festivals and events that revolve around brewing, environmentalism, and the promotion of local businesses within our community. We've also collaborated with local breweries and built lasting relationships with our fellow entrepreneurs.

The Lost Coast

We started our project in late 2012, just three home-brewing friends, after a backpacking trip to the Lost Coast. We all shared a passion for creating unique libations and combined shared almost 15 years of brewing experience. On that fateful trip we discussed wanting to take our craft to the next level. 

Part of our goal was to create an eclectic, rootsy environment that reflected our passion. We are proud to have built our little brewery with our own hands using mostly salvaged materials. And in only our first year of operation we served well over 100 different beers. We continually seek to push the limits of flavor profiles and traditional techniques.

Carpinteria, CA

We're often asked, why Carpinteria? We couldn't be any happier with calling this place home. In its 50 years of existence this sleepy coastal town has not lost its character, and after traveling the California coast top to bottom it remains (to us) one of the few small coastal gems in Southern California. At a population of only 14,500, our small town hosts three breweries: Island Brewing (the original Carpinteria watering hole), Rincon Brewery and brewLAB. We wouldn't be where we are today without their support and we're stoked to call them our neighbors and friends.

Carpinteria and the greater Santa Barbara area has been nothing short of amazing and we can't thank everyone in the community enough for supporting our vision and passion. As we grow our business from the ground up, we strive to stay true to our roots and not forget the foundation that created our establishment. After years of planning, designing, and building we excitedly opened our doors to the public on September 26th of 2014 and look forward to the new adventures of evolving and growing with the support of the community.


Much like any art, you can always learn more, try something different and find new ways to produce something special outside of your comfort zone.

brewLAB Ethos

The Brewers

We're brewers by day and bartenders by night.

Come ask us any questions you like while we work the tasting room.


Co-Founder // Brewer

Steve grew up in Southern California and graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a degree in Geography/Environmental Analysis. He brewed his first batch of beer in 2008 with Rob (one of the original founders) and was immediately hooked. His inspiration to keep brewing stems from his curiosity, interest and backround in science. He's intrigued with the whole process of making beer; from the growing of the ingredients to the steps taken to produce a batch.

With a deep and growing interest in the fermentation process Steve headed to the wine country in 2011 where he worked on two wineries in St. Helena, CA. It was working at the wineries that really inspired him to start his own venture.

Before focusing his time on brewLAB and making the move to Santa Barbara, Steve was a substitute teacher and coached high-school wresting while creating/running his own business/hobby on the side which focused on urban agriculture, local food production and the building of healthy sustainable communities. He's also worked in the grocery industry for five years and has held management and buying positions for Henry’s Farmers Market, Sprouts Farmers Market, and Whole Foods Market. Steve held the position of “Beer Buyer” for Whole Foods Laguna Niguel and oversaw the buying of beer, wine and cheese for Whole Foods Santa Barbara.

Outside of work Steve enjoys surfing, hiking, gardening, permaculture, food, music and spending time with his family and friends.


Co-Founder // Brewer

Born and raised in rural southeastern Minnesota, Peter grew up in an agriculturally dominated area. His appreciation for the great outdoors was nurtured by exploring the endless lakes and rivers by canoe, especially the Boundary Waters to the north. Coming from families practicing agricultural operations in South Dakota and sustainable forestry/milling in Wisconsin, Peter’s interest in and appreciation for both continues to develop. 

Peter’s background is in architecture and urban design, graduating with a degree in Urban Design & Planning from Arizona State University (2006). While working for a Tempe based, environmentally-conscious architecture firm, Peter’s knowledge of both the built and natural environment grew significantly.

Peter has worked as a ranch hand, involving construction projects and agricultural operations as well as running a saw mill, creating anything from raw material to finished furniture. He has participated in many courses that relate to permaculture and land stewardship. His most recent courses include Holistic Land Management, Soil Food Web, Keyline Design, Regenerative Agriculture, and Zero Emissions Research & Initiatives. Inspired by his surroundings on the Gaviota Coast, Peter started homebrewing at this ranch over 5 years ago and continues to draw inspiration from it today.



Dave grew up right here in Carpinteria and his family has deep roots in the community. His interests early on were in music and art, which included street art as well as being in several bands. His connection to beer came through the wonderful process of fermentation. Dave's interest in this spread across different mediums such as wine, mead, and of course beer. It wasn't until he started working with brewLAB did he discover one of his favorite styles of libation: the gruit. The ability to utilize the surrounding landscape revealed an unending opportunity for unique, terrroir flavors.

Dave started working with brewLAB early in 2016 and has excelled as a brewer in both conceptualization of the many and varied processes as well as recipe development. He has gained a wealth of knowledge and is more than happy to share his experiences while working behind the bar serving up some of his delicious ales.


Partner // Brewer

Cliff grew up in the San Diego suburbs before attending University of California at Santa Barbara and graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering. His professional career began as a smoke stack tester, progressed to gas phase analysis equipment design engineer with him ultimately landing in a management position for a US subsidiary of a German owned company.

He brewed his first batch of beer in 1989 and became fascinated with the biochemical processes that perform the foundation of brewing science. Cliff's profession as a prototype design engineer provided access to a machine shop which resulted in an early love affair with brewing equipment fabrication and utilization of scientific principles to optimize brewhouse hardware with the ultimate goal of brewing the beverages that provide highly satisfying experiences during consumption.

His hobbies include wine making, other beverage making (mead, cider, kombucha), study of food science, cooking with fire, and meditation. Cliff's passion for brewing originates in the combination of science with artistic sensory expression and the never ending quest to learn from others that share this passion. 

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