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Name Description ABV
Secret Lover German-style helles lager.5.2%
Cymatic Waves Crisp clean American blonde.5.5%
Slide Rule Dry-hopped Vienna lager.5.3%
Slow Draw Traditional marzen festbier.5.6%
Rollin’ Blackouts Double dry-hopped black IPL with simcoe, columbus, citra, and mosaic hops.6.8%
Mental Boogie Dry-hopped grissette.5.6%
Combing Bines Wet hop pale ale with all locally grown nugget hops.6.0%
Circle’s Edge Crisp and classic Belgian-style saison.6.0%
Passiflora Kettlesauer gruit with local sage brush and passion fruit.4.5%
Days of Old West coast double IPA with cascade and amarillo hops.8.5%
Saaremaa Baltic-style porter with ocean ranch turmeric/ginger/goji berry granola.8.0%


Name Description ABV
Julius Classic German-style pilsner with all kazbek hops.5.2%
Clutch Kick West coast IPA with amarillo, centennial, and simcoe hops.6.0%
Eleven Eleven Classic German-style kolsch.6.2%
Green Tea IPA West coast IPA with a blend of green teas.6.2%
Stormy Waters Oak-smoked porter on nitro.5.9%
Beaker Draughtsman/brewLAB collaboration india pale lager with HBC692 hops.6.4%
Dilla’s 3000 Wheat IPA fermented with kolsch yeast and dry-hopped with nelson and simcoe.7.5%
Baby Got Bock German-style pale wiezenbock.7.7%
Propeller Head 6-grain light adjunct lager dry-hopped with nelson, simcoe, amarillo, and idaho 7.5.1%
It’s the Pits Crisp and refreshing kettlesauer with local peaches and rose hips.3.7%
Hermann Collaboration with Hollister Brew Co. German-style Pilsener with kazbek and saaz hops.5.2%
Amarilla Guerilla West coast IPA dry-hopped with simcoe, nelson sauvin, idaho 7, and amarillo.6.6%
2018 Dubbel Double Belgian-style brown ale aged in a French oak Cabernet barrel.6.5%
Red Roots Red ale with fresh ginger.6.o%
Crystal Visions Traditional Bavarian hefewiezen.6.5%
Manilow Blackberry mead with local eucalyptus and wildflower honey.5.5%
Green Mt. Chief West coast IPA fermented with vermont and hefewiezen yeast.7.1%
Blonde de Blanc Blonde ale with wheat, oats, and all hallertau blanc hops.5.0%
Rollin’ Dirty Double dry-hopped oat pale ale with nelson sauvon, mosaic, idaho, and simcoe hops.5.0%
Citrodora Kolsch IPA with lemon verbena.6.8%
Rice, Rice, Baby Japanese-style rice lager with jasmine rice.4.0%
Cantankerous Kettlesauer gose gruit brewed with grapefruit zest, sea water, and mugwort.4.1%
Hoptagon Rye IPA with mosaic, cascade, and simcoe hops.6.5%
Back Seat Driver Bavarian-style dark lager.5.2%
Uncertainty Reigns German-style pilsner with liberty and saaz hops.5.2%
Freakuanot Straightforward IPA with loral and ekuanot hops.6.0%
Hyzer Flip American IPA with loral, nelson, and citra hops.6.0%
Peachy Keen Kettlesaur gose with sea salt and local peaches. 3.7%
Small Axe German-style schwartzbier (black lager). 4.9%
2016 Brett Noir Mixed-culture dark farmhouse ale aged in Syrah french oak barrels with tart cherries and raspberries. 8.2%
Cause & Effect Simple, balanced blond ale fermented with saison yeast blend. 6.8%
Circle the Wagons 5-hop west coast IPA with light U.S.-based malt profile. 7.6%
Flora & Fauna Brett grisette with jasmine blossoms and lemon/lime zest. 5.0%
Sowed Oats Oatmeal stout fermented with bourbon-soaked vailla beans and Ragamuffin coffee. 6.7%
Stones Throw Collaboration with The Apiary, braggot brewed with lemon balm, chamomile, and eucalyptus honey. 6.1%
We Gruit (Sweet Mountain Top) Collaboration lagered gruit brewed with tulsi, clary sage, and yarrow. 5.2%
Cab Sauer Kettlesauer ale with Napa Valley Cabernet grape clusters. 6.8%
Nomadic Static West coast IPA with amarillo and nzh107 hops. 6.9%
Rice Rocket Hoppy rice lager with citra and comet hops. 5.2%
Silvertone Northern German-style pilsner with kazbek, saaz, and crystal hops.. 6.0%
Green Tea DIPA West coast douple IPA with green tea and orange blossom honey. 8.9%
Umi Said Dry-hopped pale ale with galens, cascade, and citra hops. 4.9%
Mishopshno Hoppy red ale with Willamette and Amarillo hops 6.0%
Sowed Oats *Nitro* Oatmeal stout fermented with bourbon-soaked vanilla beans and raga muffin coffee, on nitro. 6.7%
Blind Pilot Wet hop pale ale with all local nugget hops. 4.7%
2016 Frankenbrau Bourbon barrel-aged Belgian-style dark strong ale. 10.5%
Hop Zealot s.m.a.s.h. English IPA dry-hopped with ahtanum and simcoe. 6.6%
Soul Session Session IPA with experimental New Zealand hops. 5.3%
Vitis Blanc Belgian-style saison with local viognier grapes and wildflower honey. 8.1%
Dubbel-Tounged Belgian-style brown. 6.7%
Loose Change Classic west coast IPA with comet, simcoe, and galaxy hops. 6.0%
The Elders German-style kolsch with elder flowers and elderberries. 6.2%
Eye for an Eye Dry-hopped rye session ale with columbus and chinook hoops. 5.2%
The Green Room Tropical India pale lager. 6.9%

Beginning of Time to Approx. 2018

Name Description ABV
LemondulaCrisp saison w/ local lavender & lemon zest6.10%
Porch ForageWethopped pale ale w/ brewLAB & locallygrown hops6.50%
Sweet Zombie JesusGenerously dryhopped saison session ale brewed w/ local orange blossom honey4.60%
Liliko’i Passion50/50 Wheat/Rye sour ale w/ Gaviota passion fruit5.10%
MudflatsRich & roasty stout w/ bourbon soaked vanilla & coffee beans6.50%
Falconer’s FlightRich & bold, yet balanced IPA w/ all Falconer’s Flight hops7.50%
RedRyedinghoodMalty & Resinous double dryhopped red rye i.p.a.7.60%
Cali SesionSession pale ale brewed w/ honey5.10%
Uff DaNutty brown ale w/ Minnesota wild rice and fenugreek5.90%
Red RootsBready red ale brewed w/ ginger6.00%
Kaffa QueenRich & roast stout w/ Greenstar Ethiopian coffee beans6.80%
Dubbel DragonCrisp & clean Belgianstyle dubbel6.90%
Sauerweizen100% Wheat sour ale w/ 80lbs of local, organic peaches3.70%
Dinosauer100% Wheat sour ale w/ Dinosaur Pluots *Collaboration w/ Captain Fatty’s4.60%
Eazy PeezyLight & refreshing Belgianstyel blonde ale5.60%
Lord NatanMalty & toasty American brown ale?
Once Around the SunDry and crisp saison w/ loquats7.60%
There Gosé Gruittart & refreshing gosé/gruit hybrid w/ mugwort, sagebrush, seawater, and toasted corriander3.60%
Hellbenderhoppy barleywine w/ cascade, columbus, simcoe, and amarillo10.00%
High RollerOatmeal IPA brewed w/ all mosaic hops8
Roggensauer100% Rye sour ale w/ apricots3.60%
HopsessionistGenerously dryhopped wheat session ale5.20%
Fancy PantsSmooth Belgian quadrupel ale brewed w/ agave nectar10.50%
MonarchHop forward, yet balanced IPA7.90%
Saison dé RusticFunky farmhouse ale w/ Gaviota pink peppercorns & cara cara orange zest7.30%
2015 ShadowAged tart and roasty dark farmhouse ale8.50%
WalkaboutLight belgian pale ale w/ all crystal hops5.10%
BlossomSour wit w/ fresh jasmine blossoms5.00%
Creme NoirCreamy oatmeal stout on nitro7.10%
BrambleSour wit w/ blackberries5.30%
2015 False ProphetAged belgian golden strong ale?
Humble EmerorFull bodied imperial stout brewed w/ honey and infused w/ coffee beans9.10%
Blood Orange Roggensauer100% rye sour with blood oranges4.50%
ResonanceDryhopped Saison w/ all amarillo hops6.00%
Citrus Smash100% wheat I.P.A. w/ all el dorado hops6.30%
IridescenceDry, spicy, herbal saison w/ hints of citrus6.40%
Light as a FeatherDry belgian ale7.90%
HarmonieLightly spiced belgian golden strong ale w/citrus10.00%
Mr. Green JeansDank and resiny double I.P.A.8.30%
Black HatDark farmhouse ale aged on figs and cherries5.20%
Green Tea I.P.A.Herbal citrusy I.P.A. w/ green tea leaves and lime zest6.70%
Pomegranate Roggensauer100% Rye sour ale w/ pomegrantes4.40%
S’mocha PorterSmoked porter w/ coffee beans and cacao nibs4.80%
Shadow on FigsDark, complex farmhouse ale aged on figs9.00%
Honey Rye Funk The KidsDry and fruity rye I.P.A. w/ honey and brett7.30%
Walk in the DarkCreamy milk stout w/ whiskey soaked coffee beans, vanilla bean, oak and cacao nibs6.00%
Long TimeI.P.A. w/ a loving hop embrace6.00%
Base HitBelgian single6.40%
Under the TableBelgian table beer w/ 25% honey *Collab w/ Rincon Brewery*5.50%
Blonde on BlondeBig belgian blonde ale7.50%
Mid Session WheatDry and citrusy wheat ale w/ all amarillo hops4.90%
Blind FaithLightly tark dark farmhouse ale6.40%
Roggensauer100% Rye sour ale w/ raspberries4.40%
Shadow on FigsDark complex farmhouse ale aged on figs9%
La LuzDry and bright saison7.30%
Big BoiBelgian double I.P.A.9.30%
Daily BreadMalty and biscuity belgian red ale5.20%
Llama SaisonDry and bright saison w/ coffee beans *on nitro*7.30%
Mad FunkDry and fruity I.P.A. w/ brett?
Peaches N’ BrettFunky Dry 100% brett ale w/ peaches7.10%
RadianceHoppy, bright and tart saison5.20%
Belgian Rye SessionDry spicy belgian session w/ mosaic dry hop3.80%
Apricots N’ BrettFunky, tart, 100% brett ale w/ apricots7.10%
AmbivalenceSlightly tart dryhopped saison7.50%
1535 IPAHoppy I.P.A. fermented w/ a belgian/brett blend7.40%
Cosmic Peaches N’ BrettFunky and tart 100% brett ale w/peaches7.30%
Greatland GruitDry earthy herbal ale w/ local mugwort, sagebrush and wild yeast4.90%
Permaculture PassionDry saison ferment w/ Gaviota lilikoi (passion fruit)6.40%
Hand of BodhisattvaDry saison w/ buddha’s hand citron and lemon verbena7.00%
Carpe De RhoneSour ale aged on syrah oak and pommace6.70%
First In FlightDry fruity belgian I.P.A.7.10%
L’Acceptation TardiveSour ale w/blackberries4.90%
Santa Rosa GoseBlack gose with corriander and Santa Rosa Island Sea Salt4.00%
Drunken LlamaFull bodied stout w/whiskey soaked coffee beans *on nitro*6.70%
Hops N’ BrettHoppy 100% brett ale dry hopped with hop oil and el dorado/citra hops7.50%
CallistoSour stout aged on syrah soaked oak7.90%
Apricots N’ BrettFunky Tart 100% brett ale w/apricots7.10%
EuropaSour stout aged on bourbon oak7.60%
Roggensauer100% Rye sour ale w/raspberries4.30%
Alpha RomeoRed saison w/licorice root, orange peel and wormwood7.70%
IncandescenceBright crisp saison6.80%
Hi-RoadBerliner Weiss w/lemon verbena and hibiscus3.20%
False ProphetAged Belgin Golden Strong10.90%
Wheat TartRefreshing lightly tart wheat beer4.10%
Cosmic DebrisBelgian Blonde Ale7.50%
Rye N’ BrettDryhopped funky rye pale ale6.40%
Smoked @ SeaSmoked sea salt bourbon caramel porter6.30%
Wheat N’ BrettLightly dryhopped 100% brett wheat beer4.00%
Meridian TheoryTart gruit brewed with schizandra berries, tangerine and lemon verbena4.40%
BrambleTart blackberry wit5.10%
Fig DragonBelgian dark strong ale aged on black mission figs and syrah oak9.00%
RoundhouseBelgian Pale w/all pacific jade hops6.60%
ResilienceDry and fruity saison6.90%
Llama SaisonBright saison infused with costa rican espresso beans7.20%
Red RootsEarthy red ale w/a zesty gingery bite6.10%
Loquats N’ BrettFunky rye saison w/loquats5.60%
The Green RoomIndia pale lager with a hop punch and clean finish7.50%
Full TintResiny and roasty black I.P.A.7.90%
ShadowDark complex slightly tart farmhouse ale8.50%
LaybackClean crisp dryhopped lager5.60%
Rye SessionDryhopped rye pale ale4.50%
Holy DooberHoppy brown ale6.60%
Cardamom WitBelgian wheat beer w/cardamom5.20%
Oats N’ MilkCream oatmeal milk stout *on nitro*7.70%
Belgian Rye SessionDryhopped belgian rye pale ale4.50%
Blazing ArrowResiny double I.P.A.8.40%
Gullivers Coconut PorterRobust porter w/toasted coconut5.00%
False ProphetBelgian golden strong10.90%
IncandescenceBright saison6.40%
Sticky IckyJuicy dank I.P.A.7.40%
Peaches N’ BrettFunk rye saison w/peaches5.30%
FlorescenceFloral saison w/Casitas Valley elderflowers8.40%
Space Is The PlaceI.P.A. w/galaxy and mosaic hops6.50%
The DragonBelgian style dubbel8.90%
Jasmine’s WitBelgian wheat brewed with spices and jasmine blossoms5.50%
BenevolenceDry saison brewed w/grapefruit marmalade6.30%
Heart of GoldFarmhouse I.P.A. w/simcoe and amarillo7.60%
Full NelsonI.P.A. w/all nelson sauvin hops6.90%
Walk in the DarkStout with whiskey soaked coffee beans, vanilla bean, oak and cacao5.50%
Queen of CasitasTart gruit brewed w/local honey, sagebrush and lacto5.50%
Pacific Jade SessionSingle hopped dry pale ale w/citrus and melon notes4.60%
High & DryMild raisin and choclately dry stout6.00%
Wild DreamsTart gruit brewed w/local honey, mugwort and lacto4.60%
ExtravaganceRye saison w/earthy and peppery notes6.30%
Red RootsEarthy red ale w/a zesty gingery bite6.30%
Green Tea IPAHerbal earthy citrusy I.P.A. w/lemon verbena and green tea leaves8.00%
A Bit WittyBavarian style wheat beer w/toasted corriander and sweet orange peel5.30%
Smoke N’ A PancakeRobust smoked maple porter7.00%
LLama SaisonDry saison w/espresso beans6.30%
Funktown Jr. Jr.Funky dank I.P.A. w/brett7.50%
LuminsecenceBright and spicy saison6.20%
Blood Orange TartSour wheat/rye ale w/brett, lacto and blood oranges?
VibranceBright crisp wheat saisosn5.60%
Belgian IPADry, tropical I.P.A.6.80%
Testing Testing 1,2….3Rich and malty triple I.P.A. w/all Simcoe hops10.40%
Loquat Ginger AleZesty, fruity ginger beer5.50%
Funk SimpleFunky dryhopped session ale w/brett5.30%
Humming JuniperHerbal and tart gruit w/yarrow, juniper berries and hummingbird sage5.90%
Bravo BrownRobust and malty American brown ale6.70%
MonarchMalty, juicy, dank I.P.A.6.50%
Cosmic DebrisHoppy belgianstyle ale7.90%
Lochs of DreadMalty rye I.P.A.7.70%
HopalongDryhopped session ale on hop rocket w/German Mandarina Bavaria4.50%
Farmhouse Rye SessionDryhopped farmhouse rye pale ale5.10%
YellowbellyHoppy pale ale w/all amarillo hops5.60%
On the FarmClean crisp farmhouse ale with light fruity esters5.20%
ResilienceLightly bready and fruity saison6.00%
Sagebrush SaisonCrisp dry saison w/California sagebrush5.30%
BrushfireRich and roasty stout w/California sagebrush5.60%
Black I.P.A.Resiny, roasty ale w/cascade and columbus hops6.80%
Rye SessionDryhopped rye pale ale5.10%
Mister BerlinerSour wheat beer dryhopped with galaxy hops4.50%
Warm BlanketFull bodied stout6.00%
All Day I.P.A.Well balanced I.P.A. w/cascade and centennial hops6.30%
Red RootsEarthy red ale with a zingy ginger bite5.70%
Bath Street OrangeChewy stout w/orange zest, dark chocolate and cacao nibs4.40%
Llama SaisonBright saison infused w/coffee beans6.00%
Earl Grey I.P.A.I.P.A. with Earl Grey tea leaves7.20%
Berliner Dinner ?
Drunken LlamaFull bodied stout with whiskey soaked coffee beans6.80%
Lavender Verbena SessionHerbal session ale w/lemon verbena and lavender4.70%
Green Tea I.P.A.Herbal, earthy citrusy I.P.A. with green tea leaves7.20%
Sun BellDryhopped Belgian pale ale6.40%
La LuzClassic bright, crisp saison6.30%
Top HopComplex, fruit belgian I.P.A.8.30%
GruitHerbal ale with lemon verbena, wild chamomile, yarrow, lavender and honey5.10%
Verbena SessionHerbal session ale w/lemon verbena4.70%
Funk Jazz ?
Winnner Winner ?
Gone Awrye ?
Secret Saison No. 3 ?
Hibiscus Honey IPA ?
Toasted Eclipse ?
Secret Saison No. 2 ?
Blackberry Berlinerweiss ?
Opus Pocus ?
Harvest BrownFresh hopped brown ale?
Red IPA ?
Belgian Rye Porter ?
Steve’s Gruit ?
Jasmine Saison ?
Belgian Golden ?
Hop Candi Honey IPA ?

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