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Name Description ABV
Lemondula Crisp saison w/ local lavender & lemon zest 6.10%
Porch Forage Wet-hopped pale ale w/ brewLAB & locallygrown hops 6.50%
Sweet Zombie Jesus Generously dryhopped saison session ale brewed w/ local orange blossom honey 4.60%
Liliko’i Passion 50/50 Wheat/Rye sour ale w/ Gaviota passion fruit 5.10%
Mudflats Rich & roasty stout w/ bourbon soaked vanilla & coffee beans 6.50%
Falconer’s Flight Rich & bold, yet balanced IPA w/ all Falconer’s Flight hops 7.50%
RedRyedinghood Malty & Resinous double dryhopped red rye i.p.a. 7.60%
Cali Sesion Session pale ale brewed w/ honey 5.10%
Uff Da Nutty brown ale w/ Minnesota wild rice and fenugreek 5.90%
Red Roots Bready red ale brewed w/ ginger 6.00%
Kaffa Queen Rich & roast stout w/ Greenstar Ethiopian coffee beans 6.80%
Dubbel Dragon Crisp & clean Belgianstyle dubbel 6.90%
Sauerweizen 100% Wheat sour ale w/ 80lbs of local, organic peaches 3.70%
Dinosauer 100% Wheat sour ale w/ Dinosaur Pluots, Collaboration w/ Captain Fatty’s 4.60%
Eazy Peezy Light & refreshing Belgianstyel blonde ale 5.60%
Lord Natan Malty & toasty American brown ale 3.60%
Once Around the Sun Dry and crisp saison w/ loquats {7.6%} 10.00%
There Gosé Gruit tart & refreshing gosé/gruit hybrid w/ mugwort, sagebrush, seawater, and toasted corriander 8.00%
Hellbender hoppy barleywine w/ cascade, columbus, simcoe, and amarillo 3.60%
High Roller Oatmeal IPA brewed w/ all mosaic hops 5.20%
Roggensauer 100% Rye sour ale w/ apricots 10.50%
Hopsessionist Generously dryhopped wheat session ale 7.90%
Fancy Pants Smooth Belgian quadrupel ale brewed w/ agave nectar 7.30%
Monarch Hop forward, yet balanced IPA 8.50%
Saison dé Rustic Funky farmhouse ale w/ Gaviota pink peppercorns & cara cara orange zest 5.10%
2015 Shadow Aged tart and roasty dark farmhouse ale 5.00%
Walkabout Light belgian pale ale w/ all crystal hops 7.10%
Blossom Sour wit w/ fresh jasmine blossoms 5.30%
Creme Noir Creamy oatmeal stout on nitro 9.10%
Bramble Sour wit w/ blackberries 4.50%
2015 False Prophet Aged belgian golden strong ale 6.00%
Humble Emeror Full bodied imperial stout brewed w/ honey and infused w/ coffee beans 6.30%
Blood Orange Roggensauer 100% rye sour with blood oranges 6.40%
Resonance Dryhopped Saison w/ all amarillo hops 7.90%
Citrus Smash 100% wheat I.P.A. w/ all el dorado hops 10.00%
Iridescence Dry, spicy, herbal saison w/ hints of citrus 8.30%
Light as a Feather Dry belgian ale 5.20%
Harmonie Lightly spiced belgian golden strong ale w/citrus 6.70%
Mr. Green Jeans Dank and resiny double I.P.A. 4.40%
Black Hat Dark farmhouse ale aged on figs and cherries 4.80%
Green Tea I.P.A. Herbal citrusy I.P.A. w/ green tea leaves and lime zest 9.00%
Pomegranate Roggensauer 100% Rye sour ale w/ pomegrantes 7.30%
S’mocha Porter Smoked porter w/ coffee beans and cacao nibs 6.00%
Shadow on Figs Dark, complex farmhouse ale aged on figs 6.00%
Honey Rye Funk The Kids Dry and fruity rye I.P.A. w/ honey and brett 6.40%
Walk in the Dark Creamy milk stout w/ whiskey soaked coffee beans, vanilla bean, oak and cacao nibs 5.50%
Long Time I.P.A. w/ a loving hop embrace 7.50%
Base Hit Belgian single 4.90%
Under the Table Belgian table beer w/ 25% honey *Collab w/ Rincon Brewery* 6.40%
Blonde on Blonde Big belgian blonde ale 4.40%
Mid Session Wheat Dry and citrusy wheat ale w/ all amarillo hops 9.00%
Blind Faith Lightly tark dark farmhouse ale 7.30%
Roggensauer 100% Rye sour ale w/ raspberries 9.30%
Shadow on Figs Dark complex farmhouse ale aged on figs 5.20%
La Luz Dry and bright saison 7.30%
Big Boi Belgian double I.P.A. 7.10%
Daily Bread Malty and biscuity belgian red ale 5.20%
Llama Saison Dry and bright saison w/ coffee beans *on nitro* 3.80%
Mad Funk Dry and fruity I.P.A. w/ brett 7.10%
Peaches N’ Brett Funky Dry 100% brett ale w/ peaches 7.50%
Radiance Hoppy, bright and tart saison 7.40%
Belgian Rye Session Dry spicy belgian session w/ mosaic dry hop 7.30%
Apricots N’ Brett Funky, tart, 100% brett ale w/ apricots 4.90%
Ambivalence Slightly tart dryhopped saison 6.40%
1535 IPA Hoppy I.P.A. fermented w/ a belgian/brett blend 7.00%
Cosmic Peaches N’ Brett Funky and tart 100% brett ale w/peaches 6.70%
Greatland Gruit Dry earthy herbal ale w/ local mugwort, sagebrush and wild yeast 7.10%
Permaculture Passion Dry saison ferment w/ Gaviota lilikoi (passion fruit) 4.90%
Hand of Bodhisattva Dry saison w/ buddha’s hand citron and lemon verbena 4.00%
Carpe De Rhone Sour ale aged on syrah oak and pommace 6.70%
First In Flight Dry fruity belgian I.P.A. 7.50%
L’Acceptation Tardive Sour ale w/blackberries 7.90%
Santa Rosa Gose Black gose with corriander and Santa Rosa Island Sea Salt 7.10%
Drunken Llama Full bodied stout w/whiskey soaked coffee beans *on nitro* 7.60%
Hops N’ Brett Hoppy 100% brett ale dry hopped with hop oil and el dorado/citra hops 4.30%
Callisto Sour stout aged on syrah soaked oak 7.70%
Apricots N’ Brett Funky Tart 100% brett ale w/apricots 6.80%
Europa Sour stout aged on bourbon oak 3.20%
Roggensauer 100% Rye sour ale w/raspberries 10.90%
Alpha Romeo Red saison w/licorice root, orange peel and wormwood 4.10%
Incandescence Bright crisp saison 7.50%
Hi Road Berliner Weiss w/lemon verbena and hibiscus 6.40%
False Prophet Aged Belgin Golden Strong 6.30%
Wheat Tart Refreshing lightly tart wheat beer 4.00%
Cosmic Debris Belgian Blonde Ale 4.40%
Rye N’ Brett Dryhopped funky rye pale ale 5.10%
Smoked @ Sea Smoked sea salt bourbon caramel porter 9.00%
Wheat N’ Brett Lightly dryhopped 100% brett wheat beer 6.60%
Meridian Theory Tart gruit brewed with schizandra berries, tangerine and lemon verbena 6.90%
Bramble Tart blackberry wit 7.20%
Fig Dragon Belgian dark strong ale aged on black mission figs and syrah oak 6.10%
Roundhouse Belgian Pale w/all pacific jade hops 5.60%
Resilience Dry and fruity saison 7.50%
Llama Saison Bright saison infused with costa rican espresso beans 7.90%
Red Roots Earthy red ale w/a zesty gingery bite 8.50%
Loquats N’ Brett Funky rye saison w/loquats 5.60%
The Green Room India pale lager with a hop punch and clean finish 4.50%
Full Tint Resiny and roasty black I.P.A. 6.60%
Shadow Dark complex slightly tart farmhouse ale 5.20%
Layback Clean crisp dryhopped lager 7.70%
Rye Session Dryhopped rye pale ale 4.50%
Holy Doober Hoppy brown ale 8.40%
Cardamom Wit Belgian wheat beer w/cardamom 5.00%
Oats N’ Milk Cream oatmeal milk stout *on nitro* 10.90%
Belgian Rye Session Dryhopped belgian rye pale ale 6.40%
Blazing Arrow Resiny double I.P.A. 7.40%
Gullivers Coconut Porter Robusy porter w/toasted coconut 5.30%
False Prophet Belgian golden strong 8.40%
Incandescence Bright saison 6.50%
Sticky Icky Juicy dank I.P.A. 8.90%
Peaches N’ Brett Funk rye saison w/peaches 5.50%
Florescence Floral saison w/Casitas Valley elderflowers 6.30%
Space Is The Place I.P.A. w/galaxy and mosaic hops 7.60%
The Dragon Belgian style dubbel 6.90%
Jasmine’s Wit Belgian wheat brewed with spices and jasmine blossoms 5.50%
Benevolence Dry saison brewed w/grapefruit marmalade 5.50%
Heart of Gold Farmhouse I.P.A. w/simcoe and amarillo 4.60%
Full Nelson I.P.A. w/all nelson sauvin hops 6.00%
Walk in the Dark Stout with whiskey soaked coffee beans, vanilla bean, oak and cacao 4.60%
Queen of Casitas Tart gruit brewed w/local honey, sagebrush and lacto 6.30%
Pacific Jade Session Single hopped dry pale ale w/citrus and melon notes 6.30%
High & Dry Mild raisin and choclately dry stout 8.00%
Wild Dreams Tart gruit brewed w/local honey, mugwort and lacto 5.30%
Extravagance Rye saison w/earthy and peppery notes 7.00%
Red Roots Earthy red ale w/a zesty gingery bite 6.30%
Green Tea IPA Herbal earthy citrusy I.P.A. w/lemon verbena and green tea leaves 7.50%
A Bit Witty Bavarian style wheat beer w/toasted corriander and sweet orange peel 6.20%
Smoke N’ A Pancake Robust smoked maple porter 5.60%
LLama Saison Dry saison w/espresso beans 6.80%
Funktown Jr. Jr. Funky dank I.P.A. w/brett 10.40%
Luminsecence Bright and spicy saison 5.50%
Blood Orange Tart Sour wheat/rye ale w/brett, lacto and blood oranges 5.30%
Vibrance Bright crisp wheat saisosn 5.90%
Belgian IPA Dry, tropical I.P.A. 6.70%
Testing Testing 1,2….3 Rich and malty triple I.P.A. w/all Simcoe hops 6.50%
Loquat Ginger Ale Zesty, fruity ginger beer 7.90%
Funk Simple Funky dryhopped session ale w/brett 7.70%
Humming Juniper Herbal and tart gruit w/yarrow, juniper berries and hummingbird sage 4.50%
Bravo Brown Robust and malty American brown ale 5.10%
Monarch Malty, juicy, dank I.P.A. 5.60%
Cosmic Debris Hoppy belgianstyle ale 5.20%
Lochs of Dread Malty rye I.P.A. 6.00%
Hopalong Dryhopped session ale on hop rocket w/German Mandarina Bavaria 5.30%
Farmhouse Rye Session Dryhopped farmhouse rye pale ale 5.60%
Yellowbelly Hoppy pale ale w/all amarillo hops 6.80%
On the Farm Clean crisp farmhouse ale with light fruity esters 5.10%
Resilience Lightly bready and fruity saison 4.50%
Sagebrush Saison Crisp dry saison w/California sagebrush 6.00%
Brushfire Rich and roasty stout w/California sagebrush 6.30%
Black I.P.A. Resiny, roasty ale w/cascade and columbus hops 5.70%
Rye Session Dryhopped rye pale ale 4.40%
Mister Berliner Sour wheat beer dryhopped with galaxy hops 6.00%
Warm Blanket Full bodied stout 7.20%
All Day I.P.A. Well balanced I.P.A. w/cascade and centennial hops 6.80%
Red Roots Earthy red ale with a zingy ginger bite 4.70%
Bath Street Orange Chewy stout w/orange zest, dark chocolate and cacao nibs 7.20%
Llama Saison Bright saison infused w/coffee beans 6.40%
Earl Grey I.P.A. I.P.A. with Earl Grey tea leaves 6.30%
Berliner Dinner 8.30%
Drunken Llama Full bodied stout with whiskey soaked coffee beans 5.10%
Lavender Verbena Session Herbal session ale w/lemon verbena and lavender 4.70%
Green Tea I.P.A. Herbal, earthy citrusy I.P.A. with green tea leaves
Sun Bell Dryhopped Belgian pale ale
La Luz Classic bright, crisp saison
Top Hop Complex, fruit belgian I.P.A.
Gruit Herbal ale with lemon verbena, wild chamomile, yarrow, lavender and honey
Verbena Session Herbal session ale w/lemon verbena
Funk Jazz
Winnner Winner
Gone Awrye
Secret Saison No. 3
Hibiscus Honey IPA
Toasted Eclipse
Secret Saison No. 2
Blackberry Berlinerweiss Fresh hopped brown ale
Opus Pocus
Harvest Brown
Belgian Rye Porter
Steve’s Gruit
Jasmine Saison
Belgian Golden
Hop Candi Honey IPA

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